Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Content Marketing Can Your Put Your Business on the Digital Map

As we jump into 2013, consumers are blasted with ads and sales pitches (just look at the Super Bowl ads!) that sell the latest and greatest techno gadget or miracle beauty cream that will take years off your face. Don't get me wrong - a targeted sales campaign can work wonders for your business but the constant sales pitch 24, 7, without a strategic content marketing plan, won't work  in 2013...AND could potentially scare off potential customers and clients.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is also known as non-interruption marketing. In contrast, interruption marketing promotes a product or service through advertising and sales/marketing. Content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable, high quality content that informs, educates, and/or entertains your target market/audience. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to enhance your brand and strengthen your online reputation as an "expert" in your field while attracting and gaining customers and clients (and/or retention of your current customer base).

Basically, content marketing shares relevant information with your target markets but without the tiresome, sales pitch that people slink away from online. Content marketing is basically what social media is all about: social media should NOT be about selling your products and services - the quickest way to turn off customers.

Examples of Content Marketing

Content marketing runs the gamut and is more than just a company blog. These are just a few examples of content you can start implementing today.

  • Social Media
  • Websites & Blogs
  • Articles & Press Releases 
  • Online Communities
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Webcasts
  • E-zines
  • Mobile apps
  • Newsletters (both print and e-newsletters)
  • Videos 
  • Infographics & Photos
How to Get Started with Content Marketing

If you don't have any content, the best place to start is to create a blog. Check out these easy tips on how to create a business blog that will appeal to your target market/audience. 

Well-written articles and press releases are another effective way to spread the word about your company brand without selling your services. Remember that a press release should not blatantly sell or advertise your products or services. A press release needs to be timely and news worthy. A blatant sales pitch in a press release will be headed to the round file aka trash can. If writing isn't your forte, then hire a professional copywriter to assist you.

Create content that resonates honestly with who you are, and what your brand, products and services represent. Whether you are the manager of a high-end retail clothing store or write e-books about dog breeding, find your authentic voice and stick with it.

The best way to tell your story is through high quality content. You don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to write a blog or article that quickly captures your targeted readers' attention. And don't copycat other people's writing style. Find a style that fits well with your business climate, industry and  your personal voice. Before you start creating and distributing content, research other quality content in your industry/niche to get a "feel" for what's out there.

If you want your business to compete on the competitive digital map, remember that when it comes to the fast-paced social media superhighway, it's all about quality content.

For more content marketing tips, check out the following links:

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