Monday, February 27, 2012

Content Marketing Tip #1 - How to Develop Case Studies for Your Business

This week I will present easy content marketing tips to help boost your brand - Tip #1  how to develop a case study. Have you read case studies that were boring and irrelevant? There are plenty of case studies out there that don't pack a punch.

Follow these 3 easy tricks below to develop a case study that makes your business stand out...and actually makes sense to your readers. 

A case study is "a detailed intensive study of a unit, such as a corporation or a corporate division, that stresses factors contributing to its success or failure." 

1. Describe a situation or problem that you faced as a business owner - how did you achieve success or how did you help your customer or client achieve success? Introduce the problem in the first paragraph.

2. List the steps in order as to how you tackled the situation/problem. How did you resolve issues with customers or clients during the problem-solving process? Describe the positive outcome/results you achieved by following steps A,B,C, etc

3. Conclude & summarize your results, benefits, etc. that you and/or your customers/clients achieved. What lessons did you/your clients learn? How did you incorporate innovative solutions to resolve the problem? 

Make sure case studies sound "realistic" to the average person. You don't want to confuse readers. Leave out the techie and confusing jargon (unless it's relevant to your industry). Show don't tell in your case study; a case study is a chance to display your resourcefulness, creativity, and expert knowledge. What makes your business different from your competitors - how do you stand out? 

Case studies range from in-depth, researched "scientific" formats to more casual formats (depending on the industry). Case studies showcase your industry expertise and are used for marketing purposes (profiled on websites, marketing collateral, etc.) Remember that a case study presents a specific problem and shows how you solved it with clear, concise "real world examples." 

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