Tuesday, December 28, 2010

8 Easy Email Marketing Tips for Successful Book Promotions

I'm diving into a big book ghostwriting project for the New Year and was reminded of my book publicity and publishing days.  As you think about writing your award-winning ebooks this year, don't forget that marketing your book is JUST as important (if not more!) as writing it.

If you go the self-published route, you are the best person to promote your book. Email campaigns are one of the easiest ways to market your book - especially if you have a viable CRM list. 

1. Define your audience and target your list accordingly - who will benefit from your book? What problems will your book solve for readers?

2. Give them a good reason to BUY your book - introduce yourself and your book in a compelling way. Make sure your email copy is concise and to the point! 

3. Good grammar is everything - double check your typos and use spell check before you blast out the email.

4. Review other New York Times bestseller book campaigns, emails and promotions for helpful hints and ideas.

5. Keep important information ABOVE  the fold or you will lose your readers (and potential sales!) When you keep information at the top half of the page, you are more likely to capture their attention and readers won't opt out.

6. Use a STRONG Call to Action at the end of your email copy - don't give your readers a reason to opt out. You want them to click for more information and BUY your book!

7. Include a book image and your photo to make your email look more friendly and engaging. 

8. Preview the email in text only and HTML before sending out - send yourself a test email to make sure the images aren't distorted and the email reads well (from a visual perspective).

Remember to take advantage of social media to promote your book - another easy way to blast out information about your book!

For more helpful book promotions' tips, please contact me directly - find out more online publicity tips to get you started in the New Year! 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What’s the Tweet on the Street? How Twitter Spreads News Like Wild Fire


When was the last time you actually turned on your TV for late-breaking news? It’s probably been awhile. So it shouldn’t be surprising that Twitter blasts out breaking news hours before the news stations get wind of it.

Between popular celebrity tweets and winter storm updates, Twitter makes it very easy to find out what’s happening in the world – especially when it comes to groundbreaking news.

Most people seem to love Twitter or hate it, but even more people seem to be unaware of its vast publicity potential – especially if you have a newsworthy message you need to spread quickly (and you don’t have time to write and send a press release).

When a 7.8 earthquake struck China in 2008 - less than three months before the Olympic Games began - people updated on Twitter faster than the official news channels could keep up.

Some companies have already taken full advantage of Twitter’s publicity power. As I mentioned in a previous post, KFC awarded a $20,000 scholarship to high school student based on a SINGLE tweet. The chicken-chowing corporation generated newsworthy press for itself in mere seconds with their philanthropic venture.

At its longest, a tweet is 160 characters - just enough words to get your message across without rambling for days and accidentally mentioning your cat family. Less is more when it comes to Twitter, and sometimes that’s a good thing when it comes to promoting your company’s brand.

However, don’t be like the PR executive who publicly lambasted his client, FED EX, via Twitter. As a result, he lost FED EX as their client, and was fired for his insulting tweet. From a publicity standpoint, be very careful of what you tweet.  Twitter spreads news like wild fire, and you could be one tweet away from ruining your company’s reputation.

Even Heathrow Airport has jumped on the news bandwagon with their latest tweets - an effective way keep travelers updated on current storm conditions and closures. 

In 2006, the first post in Twitter history was “just setting up my twttr” by Jack Stone, one of Twitter’s co-founders. If you haven’t started using Twitter, you might want to reconsider. Maybe 2011 will be your time to shine in Twitter history.

Jack Stone may not have set the bar very high with his first Twitter post, but that doesn’t mean your first post can’t be memorable – and newsworthy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just in the Nick of Time...Why You Need a Social Media Plan in 2011

If you thought you could get away without using social media in 2010, you'd better think again for 2011!  Social media is here to stay! It's time to start making your social media lists AND checking them twice...and three times!

If you don't have ANY clue where to start, check out Modello Media, Inc. and their "Just in the Nick of Time" package deal they are offering through the holiday season! 

I know people struggle with their marketing budgets thanks to our tenuous economy and I know what you're thinking - I JUST don't have a marketing budget!  

Sometimes you've got to spend a little money to make some money and...you don't have to spend a lot either - why I wanted to pass along this fantastic deal because I know you're crunching the digits as you wind down your year.

So here's Victoria's deal, plain and simple - no muss, no fuss! 

60 minutes of phone consulting for...$50! (that's less than original $60 fee she offered 2 years ago - wowwww!)

So where do you start? 

  • Want to do a better job of promotion using social media?
  • Need a stronger LinkedIn presence?
  • Want to integrate offline and online marketing?
  • Wish you could pull off a great direct mail package?
  • Want to effectively use a new trick or tool on the market
  • Need guidance on a new website or blog?

And I know your social media list goes on and on...
The topic is up to you, and anything related to online marketing is fair game.

Choose 2 convenient hours on the 21st, 22nd, 27th or 28th of December - email  Victoria@ModelloMedia.com

Oh, and by the way...if you schedule a minimum of two hours, you receive a free copy of Victoria's newest ebook, LinkedIn For The Clueless! The only requirement to receive this bonus is that one of the hours must be scheduled during the above dates mentioned. 

Soooo...STOP blaming your web designers, business managers and everyone else under the sun for your failed social media plan - or lack thereof! 

Don't wait until 2011 is half-over to create a social media plan! For more information about Victoria's "Just in the Nick of Time" holiday deal - contact Modello Media, Inc. today.

Merry Holidays & wishing you MUCH social media succes in the New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Are You LinkedIn for the New Year?

My motto for the New Year is "out with the old and in with the NEW!" I've been working on my business plan and marketing goals for 2011. Guess what's at the top of my social media marketing list? That's right - LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn at the top of YOUR list for 2011? I am guessing that some of you used these excuses when it came to WHY you didn't use LinkedIn this year: 

  • "Yeah well, I signed up for LinkedIn but I have no idea how to use it."
  • "Why do people keep asking me to join LinkedIn? I don't know them!"
  • "I don't have time to chat with other business people!" 

Excuses, excuses! It's time to throw out your old thinking when it comes to LinkedIn, and dial into a new approach to LinkedIn this year.

Modello Media, Inc. CEO Victoria Ipri gives us all the HELP we need with LinkedIn this year. She recently launched her savvy, easy-to-read  LinkedIn for the Clueless book just in time for 2011. Her book also makes a great last-minute holiday gift for those on your list who need an extra social media push!

"LinkedIn For the Clueless demystifies LinkedIn, breaking down and making sense of the reasons why you should care, and exactly which features to concentrate on to get the best results for your efforts," Victoria shares. 

Victoria was kind enough to share a sneak preview from her book. I recently picked up LinkedIn for the Clueless and loved it.  It's perfect for both newbies and seasoned social media pros. Her book offers great insight and tips on how to successfully navigate the LinkedIn waters! 

"Marketing is storytelling, and nowhere can you enjoy the opportunity to tell your story more effectively than with social media marketing. Companies who have built great communities online -- Starbucks on Facebook, Zappos on Twitter, Graco on Flickr, The Personal Branding Network on LinkedIn, and Dell everywhere -- have figured out:

Who they are (in terms of public perception)

How to capture market attention

Why consumers should invest in the company story

What’s your company story? What do you believe in? With what traits do you want your audience to associate you? No doubt, you’ve got a story to tell. Spend some time thinking deeply about it. Your story anchors your entire marketing effort."


Are you LinkedIn for the New Year? Click here  to find out more information about LinkedIn For the Clueless. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 6 Must-Have Business Mobile Apps for the New Year


Whether you use a Blackberry, iPhone, or Droid, you have probably downloaded at least one mobile app this year (if not more!) 2010 brought some very memorable apps to mobile devices – you just couldn’t escape them this year.  I bet you turned on Pandora radio while crunching numbers late at the office, or took advantage of Skype mobile while chatting with your Tokyo clients.

Even with all the latest and greatest apps this year, you probably skipped over some helpful apps that could have made your life easier.  Here are some “must-have” apps you can’t live without in 2011.

#1 Evernote – an app compatible with all devices that makes everything on your phone easy to remember. Both pictures and notes are indexed and made searchable. You can even search for printed or handwritten text inside the images.

#2 So have you signed up for LinkedIn yet? If you haven’t, it’s time to get on board. You don't have any excuses with LinkedIn’s mobile app. If you are a busy professional with a Fortune 500 or a small start-up, this handy app lets you check in while on-the-go!

#3 Do you know which fork is the salad fork? How about the proper way to greet a Japanese businessman? With The Protocol Centre’s app, Etiquette Avenue, you will never make another social faux-pas. For just $2.99, you can learn etiquette fit for a king or queen - right your fingertips.

#4 Skype isn’t new on the mobile apps scene, but it needs to be at the top of your apps list this year. Skype mobile connects you with people from across the world. Skype features: Skype-to-Skype calls, instant messaging, and low international call rates.

#5 Twitter continues to be one of the fastest growing micro-blogging platforms on the net. With popular TweetDeck, iPad and iPhone users can tweet from anywhere, any time – 24,7! TweetDeck also helps you automate and save time with tweets.

#6 If you are a PowerPoint-a-holic, then mbPointer: PowerPoint slide show remote control is just what the app doctor ordered. Using your iPhone, you can control every aspect of your PowerPoint presentation - right down to the cursor and slide speed ($2.99 fee).

Come the New Year, these apps will make the perfect addition to your business arsenal. Don’t clog up your mobile devices with ESPN and shopping apps, it’s time to invest in your business when 2011 hits. Download mobile apps that will make your business run more efficiently and save you time – here’s to your success in the New Year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

KFC Scholarship - Finger Licking Good Press


If I were to say Twitter and philanthropy, you would immediately think of KFC, right? No? Well you should, because the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant chain recently awarded a $20,000 scholarship to a high school student based on a single tweet.

Amanda Russell of Long Beach, Calif. won the scholarship with the following tweet: “Hey Colonel! Your scholarship's the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success! Got the grades, drive, just need cash!”

KFC’s Colonel’s Scholars’ Program awards 50 to 60 scholarships every year, but this was their first year to use Twitter as the main application tool. And now that the idea is out there, I don’t think it will be long before other companies jump on board with similar social media strategies.

This scholarship is a great example of how businesses can use social media to show their best side. Remember that terribly unhealthy sandwich KFC launched earlier this year - the Double Down? I bet you forgot! Because until I mentioned it, you thought how generous KFC is to Amanda Russell and dozens of young students every year.

And it’s not just because they awarded the scholarship, they also timed it perfectly for the holidays. The yearly cost of college is approximately $7,000 (and that’s not including private school tuitions!) So during this season of giving, KFC brought joy and cheer to one more family – I’m sure Amanda’s parents are doing the happy dance.  It’s a feel-good story that we all love to read during the holiday season.

Twitter not only helped KFC generate good press, but it helped generate good press about their good press! People are retweeting this story like crazy - including myself.   Speaking of KFC, they know how to kill two social media birds with one stone. Too tired to cook during the busy holiday season? Well, it’s only a small leap for a hungry tweeter to suggest KFC chicken for dinner! Smart move, KFC.

The KFC scholarship tweet is a true testament to how companies – especially restaurants - can really make a big publicity splash via social media. This scholarship was not “openly” advertised, yet over 2,800 students knew about it and applied.  A “non-marketed” campaign like the KFC scholarship probably would have failed in years past before social media. But now social media marketing makes it possible for companies to quickly generate publicity and spread goodwill to the masses - ‘tis the season!  


Monday, December 6, 2010

Discover the Lesser Known, Wackier Side to Niche Social Media

Social media isn’t just about tweeting what you had for dinner last night, or playing Farmville on Facebook. Social networking sites allow you to form and join “virtual” communities without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. And once you join, it’s where you can go to quickly and effectively deliver your marketing message to large groups of people across the world. 

If you really want to dial into your target markets, search for lesser known niche social media sites – there’s something for everyone in the World Wide “Wacky” Web.

Take a look at what rapper Snoop Dogg has recently been up to with social media.  He recently teamed up with Norton (anti-virus software) to spread awareness about cybercrime. His campaign is entirely virtual, with a majority of traffic being brought in through social media sites.  Way to go Snoop – that’s how you take a bite out of virtual crime!

There are communities for every niche and group imaginable, and not just the big players such as Facebook and Twitter.  For example, if you run a barbershop then a site for mustache enthusiasts would be right up your alley

The following unusual niche sites think “outside the social media box” – so don’t be afraid to delve into the wackier, lesser known side of niche social media:

Stache Passions is a site devoted to mustache wearers and admirers. It also a great source for mustached individuals to meet, if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for.

If you belong to the baby boomer generation (or that is your target audience), then you should definitely look into Eons – the online community for baby boomers.

Do you like to sing offbeat and out of key but aren’t a fan of big crowds (and/or own a karaoke bar)? Then Red Karaoke is the spot for you. It’s an online community for karaoke fans. You can record your renditions of songs and post them on the site, and wait for the accolades to roll in – or maybe not!

And finally, if you like…well, ANY and EVERY thing else, then ncludr is where you belong. They say it best, “it’s a social network where everyone and everything is your friend.”

These are just a few of the sites on the wackier side of social media. Don’t be fooled by their unusual angles though. Each of these sites (and MANY more) - if used properly - can play a key role in your niche social media strategy.

These smaller, lesser known sites are the best channels to get your brand into the minds of consumers. And by visiting and joining niche social media sites, you can effectively target your marketing efforts to smaller, less competitive markets – which equals networking with prospects that you might have overlooked otherwise. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

250 Million Members Later: Social Media Shows Big Picture for 2010

This past weekend I overhead a woman discuss with her friend how “ridiculous” Facebook was and how she would never use it in a million years. I just smiled to myself as I tapped away on my Blackberry, and thought about how many times I’ve heard similar comments from social media “non-believers."

It made me think about how this woman’s “never in a million years” attitude towards social media hinders people - especially business professionals - from achieving success. Social media quickly engages and connects people on a global scale, and markets your company’s brands in innovative and cost-effective ways.

Her comment made me wonder why people still fight the “social networking system” – an online networking system that is clearly working.  People who choose to bury their head in the sand, that’s their prerogative but statistics don’t lie - especially when staring you right between the cyber eye. You can’t dispute what happened with the big social media players this year:

  • Look at Facebook’s history: In December 2004, there were one million active Facebook users.  In 2006, Facebook members jumped to 12 million. In the beginning of 2010, Facebook had 250 million users. In just five years, Facebook users grew 250 percent. Not too shabby, Mark Zuckerberg.
  • The number of Twitter users increase by 300,000 people per day. Twitter gets more than 3 billion requests each day, generated by over 180 million unique visitors. Twitter users send more than 55 million tweets per day (640 tweets per second).
  • Twitter has donated access to tweets to the Library of Congress for research and preservation. So if you market your business via Twitter, your tweets are literally a part of history in the making!
  • 85 million LinkedIn members represent 200 countries and every continent. Executives from all Fortune500 companies are LinkedIn members. – that is a LOT of global professionals interacting with each other on a daily basis.

For the woman who touted Facebook as “ridiculous,” I suggest that she join social media-savvy Planet Earth.  Maybe if you spend 24,7 on your Facebook, that might be a bit ridiculous but there is nothing ridiculous about social media and where it’s headed in 2011.





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