Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My latest wine articles on CrushBrew

I'm a contributing writer to a craft beverage digital publication called This is my "fun" writing and I love learning about wine and beer, and the research has been fascinating.

A huge thanks to Phil and Heather Burton at Barrel Builders who kindly shared their expertise and knowledge about barrel making. It was an interesting topic and I learned a lot about coopering and how wine barrels are made.

I also had fun learning more about the growing trends of the new and improved rosé wines aka #summerwater. Big thanks to Michael Croteaux of Croteaux Vineyards and Michael Duarte of Popie Wines who shared their rosé winemaking knowledge with me.  If you have any questions about these articles, just let me know! Also, make sure to check out because they have a ton of awesome articles about the craft beer and boutique wine industries...and we've added a new category for distilled spirits.

Coopering: The Art & Craft of Barrel Making 

Summer's Favorite Beverage 

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