Tuesday, December 28, 2010

8 Easy Email Marketing Tips for Successful Book Promotions

I'm diving into a big book ghostwriting project for the New Year and was reminded of my book publicity and publishing days.  As you think about writing your award-winning ebooks this year, don't forget that marketing your book is JUST as important (if not more!) as writing it.

If you go the self-published route, you are the best person to promote your book. Email campaigns are one of the easiest ways to market your book - especially if you have a viable CRM list. 

1. Define your audience and target your list accordingly - who will benefit from your book? What problems will your book solve for readers?

2. Give them a good reason to BUY your book - introduce yourself and your book in a compelling way. Make sure your email copy is concise and to the point! 

3. Good grammar is everything - double check your typos and use spell check before you blast out the email.

4. Review other New York Times bestseller book campaigns, emails and promotions for helpful hints and ideas.

5. Keep important information ABOVE  the fold or you will lose your readers (and potential sales!) When you keep information at the top half of the page, you are more likely to capture their attention and readers won't opt out.

6. Use a STRONG Call to Action at the end of your email copy - don't give your readers a reason to opt out. You want them to click for more information and BUY your book!

7. Include a book image and your photo to make your email look more friendly and engaging. 

8. Preview the email in text only and HTML before sending out - send yourself a test email to make sure the images aren't distorted and the email reads well (from a visual perspective).

Remember to take advantage of social media to promote your book - another easy way to blast out information about your book!

For more helpful book promotions' tips, please contact me directly - find out more online publicity tips to get you started in the New Year! 


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