Monday, June 11, 2012

Why California Wineries Know How to Market

I visited Sonoma County's wine country for a belated birthday getaway last week. My mom was gifted a food-wine pairing at the beautiful Kendall-Jackson Winery in Sonoma County.

What did I learn from my food-wine pairing experience? California wineries definitely know how to market and appeal to their wine drinking and foodie demographic. The food-wine pairing featured a personal history and explanation of each tasting in our wine flight. Our friendly sommelier/host, Roberto, knew his wine and answered my questions. As a restaurant/food-specific copywriter, I was in food and wine lingo heaven. He tantalized my wine tastebuds with exotic words such as "leathery tannins" and "smoky tones."  Our personable chef greeted us and explained each course/pairing while we sipped our wine and sampled the gourmet eats. My favorite was the homemade caramel corn - who knew that wine and caramel corn would make such a palatable combination? The best caramel corn I've ever had! Delicious! 

This was my first gourmet food-wine pairing at a well-known winery. I've experienced food-wine pairings at local wineries, but the Kendall-Jackson experience was unforgettable. And that's why California wineries know a few things about marketing. They create an experience that leaves an unforgettable and memorable impression on their guests. They personalize it and focus their full attention on you, the wine drinker.

Just another reason why I love living in northern California...a foodie and wine lover's paradise!

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  1. Sounds delightful! I don't know much about wine except that it should not come in a box. I saw the pictures of your wine day on your Facebook, and it sure looked pretty awesome. It also looked like you were being treated like royalty. That sort of treatment is always welcome.


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