Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Restaurant & Food Trends Look to Eco-Eats

I am lucky to live in northern California and I have lots of healthy restaurant choices at my disposal. As a copywriter for the food and restaurant industry, I like to stay on top of the industry trends. Not to mention, I'm a foodie and love to cook with fresh, local ingredients and produce.

I read a positive article this morning in QSR Magazine that shows how the restaurant/food industry is moving towards a more "eco-friendly" trend. 

"Epic Burger’s website stakes out a strong claim to purity. “Our menu is all about what is NOT on it,” the site says. It explains what’s missing: “hormones, antibiotics, trans fats, food coloring, preservatives, nitrates, and yellow mustard."

Consumers have moved (and are moving) towards a health-conscious lifestyle, and they care about what they put into their bodies. And the restaurant industry is responding to this growing and popular need. You only have to watch Supersize Me to know that greasy, fatty fast-food is dangerous and how it can damage our bodies.

And the industry is taking a page from fruits and veggies. Although, you do have to be careful of high sugar content in some juices, it's nice to know that the industry is giving consumers a healthy alternative (and non-dairy choices)  - fresh, natural juices. 

"Jamba Juice is currently the strongest player in the juice space, but there are other up-and-coming brands as well. Roxberry Juice, which has eight stores in two states, was recently added to Beautiful Brands International’s portfolio, and the recently founded Daily Kitchen & Wellness Bar also offers fresh juice blends. One key element of the new juice craze will be to-go offerings. Ready-to-go drinks and foods like those offered by Evolution Fresh will continue to gain in popularity, even in locations not traditionally associated with healthy eating."

According to the American Diabetes Assocation, there are 25.8 million children and adults in the United States. And out of those people, 8.3% of the U.S. population have diabetes. So it's promising news that the restaurant and food industries are offering eco-friendly and healthier choices for consumers.

And don't forget to shop locally at Farmer's Markets and your local farms - home is where the healthy heart is at!


  1. Processed foods - I hardly buy them at all. I buy a lot of fresh veggies and fruit. I create my own meals, rarely sliding something out of a box. I do add a sprinkle of salt to an egg, and I add sugar to my coffee. But for the most part, it's all natural. I'm not a freak about it. But I figure, I have the time, why not cook from scratch? I love a fresh-from-the-vine farmer's market!

  2. You are in a good place for fresh produce too! :) I am obsessed with Farmer's Markets. When I went to the flea market in Maui, they had tons of fruits and veggie stalls. All that fresh papaya, mango and pineapple! MMMM!! Yum!


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