Monday, June 25, 2012

Kendall-Jackson Winery: Customer Service That Goes the Extra Mile

I recently wrote a post about my fantastic food-wine pairing at Kendall-Jackson Winery. But Kendall-Jackson went the extra mile for me, and they are now bumped up to my #1 favorite customer service story/experience. As a copywriter who writes for the hospitality and food/restaurant industry, I'm more than impressed with KJ.

When I was visiting their Wine Center, I purchased these really cool frozen wine bottle coolers for myself and to give away as gifts. Unfortunately, I got a dud and the cooler leaked red gunk all over the place (after I put it inside the freezer). I called the Wine Center at Kendall-Jackson and explained what happened. He apologized profusely, and gave me the option of a refund or he would send me another cooler. I really wanted another cooler, so I asked him to ship me another one (which he was more than happy to do - at their expense). But he took it one step further and asked me what kind of wine I liked. I tasted their Avant while I was there, so I told him I really liked their Avant. He threw in a free bottle of wine to make it up to me. Now that is my idea of awesome customer service. He wanted to make up for "my" inconvenience by sending me a bottle of wine.

So now I have a new wine bottle cooler AND a complimentary bottle of their delicious Avant Chardonnay headed my way. A HUGE thanks to the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center. Thanks for treating your customers with courtesy and going the extra mile to ensure my customer satisfaction. Word-of-mouth travels fast and I know lots of wine drinkers. I plan to sing KJ's praises as an example of fantastic customer service! 

It's really easy to complain about the businesses who treat customers poorly, but it's even more important to commend those businesses who treat their customers well.


  1. Now THAT is customer service! A lesson all businesses should take to heart. I have been in numerous big corporation situations in the past where I'm met with "nothing we can do" or limited "what we can do." It's all bull. The customer's satisfaction and happiness is everything. Without customers, you have no business.

  2. By far, this was a stellar customer service experience. It makes sense as word-of-mouth travel fasts in northern California, especially when it comes to wineries and the competition is fierce. Their marketing and customer service are top-notch at KJ! :)


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