Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Simplicity Works - The Less is More Approach

As we move into May, spring cleaning is on the brain. It's time to get rid of the clutter we accumulated during the winter months (literally and figuratively). I am taking the time to evaluate and review my business plan and goals - what's working and what's not working? 

I stumbled upon an excellent blog post by Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of Box. Levie touches upon how companies are moving away from complexity. How can you simplify your business and how does complexity affect your company's overall success? 
"The only companies or products that will succeed now are the ones offering the lowest possible level of complexity for the maximum amount of value."
This point in particular caught my attention - so true!
"If you're making the customer do any extra amount of work, no matter what industry you call home, you're now a target for disruption." 
I like his idea of "reducing the clutter". Get rid of unnecessary steps in your business and keep it simple. It's all about getting back to basics. Levie lists tips to minimize complexity, especially when it comes to technology (See #6 in his post). #2 is my favorite -- don't overwhelm your customers and clients by offering too much. Fewer choices can be far more effective. 

Have you simplified your business lately? What steps have you taken or plan to take? 


  1. "Lowest possible level of complexity." Oh my goodness, yes! The cable companies, phone companies, and satellite service providers should read this! If the "rules" or "services" are more than one page, I start to sweat. And I know, no matter WHY I call on a service outage, I'm going to take it in the kisser.

    My own business is small (just me here in this lil ole trailer) and I try to keep it as simple as possible. My own contracts are very simple.

  2. No doubt re: the cable and phone companies. Their contracts are beyond confusing - all that annoying fine print. They could definitely take a lesson from Levie's article!

    As much as I love technology, it seems like that the more we introduce technology, the more complicated our world becomes! We need to return to the basics!


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