Monday, May 21, 2012

40 Years...40 Life Lessons - Part I

I turn the big 40 on Friday, and I dedicate my blog posts this week to this huge milestone in my life. I've had an interesting career journey and have experienced twists and turns in my life. When I was a young girl, I thought 30 sounded really OLD and 40 sounded ancient.

I spent the majority of my career working as a non-profit fundraiser and events planner. While the job was stressful and chaotic, I wouldn't change my experiences or the life lessons I learned for anything in the world. I met some of the most amazing people throughout my journey. And each step I've taken in my life led me to building my own business and working with the most talented, creative, and supportive people.

As I reflect upon my life for the past 40 years, I want to share my first 20 life lessons that I learned. Sending big thanks to all the people - family, friends and colleagues - who have supported me and continue to support me on this journey called LIFE! I'll share the last 20 in my birthday post on Friday.

Thank YOU for being a part of my life! Sending love and hugs. :) 

#1 "Do unto others as you would do unto yourself." No matter what, treat people with kindness and respect.
#2 Set your boundaries and stick with those boundaries.
#3 Playing the victim and whining and complaining won't get you far. You are the only one who can make positive changes in your life.
#4 Don't rely on other people for your happiness. It's not about pleasing other people. Do what's right for YOU!
#5 Laughter and fun are truly the best medicine.
#6 Play in the ocean, hike beautiful trails and inhale nature!
#7 Be adventurous and travel to exotic locales (like Maui!!)
#8 Don't take life too seriously - to quote Ferris Bueller: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." 
#9 Be courageous and take risks.
#10 Don't be scared to follow your dreams and passions - ignore the negative naysayers!
#11 Yoga is a natural healer and has definitely kept me youthful! :)
#12 Don't take loved ones and friends for granted.
#13 Holding a grudge will only hurt you, not the other person. Learn to forgive.
#14 Stay present - don't worry about the past. There is a reason it's called the "past" - let it go and move forward.
#15 You're never too old to learn!
#16 "Be the change you wish you to see in the world" - take action and make a difference in your world.
#17 Teachers are truly inspirational people.
#18 Mind your own business - let people live their life (we're all on different journeys!)
#19 Music soothes the soul.
#20 Don't ever stop dancing!

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