Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why It's Important to Think Before You Blast Out Emails

This is an excellent "email check off list" by Seth Godin. Before you send off emails (either individual or group), review this check list. I included my favorites from Seth's list below:

  • Is there anything in this email I don't want the attorney general, the media or my boss seeing? (If so, hit delete). 
  • If this email is to someone like Seth, did I check to make sure I know the difference between its and it's? Just wondering. 
  • If this is a press release, am I really sure that the recipient is going to be delighted to get it? Or am I taking advantage of the asymmetrical nature of email--free to send, expensive investment of time to read or delete?
Sometimes email may not be the best communication channel, and emails can often get lost in translation. Not to mention, people get tired of forwards and "spammy" email. Before you send your next email, take the time to carefully review Seth's list -- it might save you from annoying someone or potentially losing a customer or client.

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  1. I'm not a big emailer...I like the flexibility and deletability of social networks. I really try to watch what I do in emails :D


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