Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Entrepreneurial Path of Girl Scouts - Why Girl Scouts Are More Than Just Thin Mints

I am the oldest daughter of six children and was raised by a single mom. I was a Brownie and aspired to be a Girl Scout, but based on tight budgets I wasn't able to be a Girl Scout. I watched as my Girl Scout friends were shuttled off to summer camps and earned their badges. I always thought being a Girl Scout was the coolest thing a tweener could be.

This is a fantastic article from INC. about why Girl Scouts become entrepreneurs. I think it's amazing that a large majority of female business owners were Girl Scouts in their younger days.
"The Girl Scouts have been preparing girls to become leaders — and to run their own businesses — for 100 years. (Last week, in fact, was the 100th anniversary of founding of the Girl Scouts of the USA by Juliette Gordon Low.)  This is no idle claim: More than two thirds of the female members of  Congress  and an incredible 80% of women business owners were Girl Scouts. Clearly, there's something about this organization that really works."
Look at how the Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for decades - that's some serious sales and marketing training. Not to mention, their Thin Mints have a secret, magical formula in them that keeps people craving more...and MORE! 

Congrats to the Girl Scouts - they have done an excellent job supporting and helping  young women over the years! Who knows? Maybe I'll volunteer as a Girl Scout Leader in the future so I can finally have my Girl Scout summer camp experience. 

If you were a Girl Scout, please leave a comment or drop me an email - I'd be curious how the Girl Scouts helped prepare you in the business world! 

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  1. The girl scouts get young women used to sales at an early enough age that it will feel natural to them. They've done a good job :)


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