Monday, March 12, 2012

When It's Time to Disengage

In our digital world, it becomes all too easy to get involved in cyber drama on your social media groups and forums (as well as our offline world). Mind games are a waste of time and energy, so when faced with unnecessary drama sometimes the best thing to do is "disengage" and walk away from people who drag you down and aren't on the same ethical wavelength. Alleviate mind games by communicating openly and honestly with clients, colleagues and employees. Power and ego trips won't get you far when trying to work effectively with others. Check out these life-lesson pointers from The DailyOM - a powerful message to begin the week! 

"Life should not be lived through a series of mind games, but from truth and looking deep within.

For better or worse, many people have been raised to believe that communicating in an honest and open way will not get them what they want. They have learned, instead, to play mind games or go on power trips in the service of their ego’s agenda. People stuck in this outmoded and inefficient style of communication can be trying at best and downright destructive at worst. We may get caught up in thinking we have to play the same games in order to defend ourselves, but that will only lead us deeper into confusion and conflict. The best way to handle people like this is to be clear and honest with them." 

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  1. I avoid drama the best I can, but even then it can still crop up. I definitely believe it's mostly miscommunication and misunderstandings most of the time.


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