Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thanks to Randy Mitchell For The Shout Out On The Inspirational Writer

I had one of THOSE weeks...Murphy's Law moments and I think the Universe is testing me. But despite the glitches and bad customer service craziness (stay tuned for that blog update!), I received a nice surprise from inspirational writer and author, Randy Mitchell. I've helped Randy launch and market his first novel, Sons In The Clouds. 

Randy shared one of my book marketing articles on his blog. Randy is a great example of a self-published author who has taken social media by storm. His ebook was nominated for the Global eBooks Award for Best Inspirational Fiction. 

I encourage you to check out Randy's book which is available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks and Sony. 

Thanks so much for the shout out, Randy! 

PS - What did you WISH you knew before you started your business? I was featured on Carol Roth's blog (tip #12). Great tips on there by other small business owners and entrepreneurs! 

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