Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Name One Technology Gadget You Can't Live Without In Your Business

Is it your iPhone? Your laptop? You iPad? Check out the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (I weigh in - Tip #23). As much as I love technology, I sometimes just need to take a hiatus -  "tune out" and  turn off my Crackberry and laptop and get away from it all.

As much as my Blackberry and laptop makes life (and running my business) much EASIER, there are days when it's both a blessing and a curse. I've caught myself getting into that "texting while waiting in line at Starbucks" mode and I have to stop myself. Sometimes it's good to tuck away your phone, smile at another human being and just "smell the roses"! 

What are your thoughts? What is the ONE gadget you can't live without in your business? How has technology made your business more efficient? 

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