Friday, September 30, 2011

Dawn's Light Movie Email Campaign Hits Big With Twilight Fans

For Twilight fans, there is huge online buzz circulating around their next movie. This is an example of an innovative digital campaign centered around the next Twilight movie, Dawn's Light. 

I love this campaign idea - VERY clever!

"The email was a "wedding invitation" for characters Isabella Marie Swan (Bella Swan) and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, sent exclusively to Fandango's previous "Twilight" ticket buyers. Fandango says the unusual email promotion was to promote its advance ticket sales, timed to the fictional birthday of Bella Swan." (Source: 

If you are a fiction writer, implement similar marketing ideas. Take on the persona of your characters AND take it beyond email marketing campaigns. 

  • Blog from the perspective of your characters. Get inside the head of your characters: is there a special message or information you could pass along in your character's 'voice'? 
  • Hire an actor to do a voice-over or shoot a book trailer with your character(s) as the stars. 
  • Use creativity and humor to your advantage - entertain and educate! 

Even if you aren't a Twilight fan, you can take a few pages from their marketing campaigns - innovative and creative! 






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