Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do You Take Facebook's Like Button Too Far?

Everyone wants to be liked -- it's human nature. However, has the Facebook like button gone too far? I've been guilty of going crazy with the like button. Between my sister's litter of cute kittens and pictures of my equally adorable nieces and nephew, I tend to click away.

However, do we really LIKE what we are liking? Sometimes Facebook reminds me of my high school days. It makes me wonder if we are becoming conformists as a result of Facebook's like button -- and if people harbor a secret desire to be popular. The goal behind social media is for people to follow and like us. But HOW genuine are the people who click on your like buttons? Or do they just like you so you will like them back? Has Facebook turned into one big social networking popularity contest?

Don't get me wrong. I am pleased when my friends and fans like my Wall updates. I'm happy that they are pay attention and actually read my updates. I sometimes wonder if Facebook will take the leap and create a "dislike" button. Although, that might wreak havoc, ruin marriages and hurt feelings (and there is enough drama on Facebook already). Not to mention, Zuckerberg doesn't need more lawsuits on his hands.

Do you think people have gone overboard with the like button? 

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