Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Companies Benefit The Most From Social Media Marketing?

I came across an interesting poll on SmartBlog on Social Media. According to their informal poll (they asked feedback from marketers across the country), they wanted to know who benefited the most from social media engagement. 

Their informal poll indicates that business-to-consumers companies (32.08%) benefit the most. Ironically, celebrities came in second at 31.13%. I was surprised to see that business-to-business companies were at the low end of the spectrum (2.83%). 

Good news for B2C companies but where does that leave B2B companies? I dug around and found this source from BizReport. According to their research, B2B companies fully embrace social media -- 86% of B2B firms report using social media. However, B2B companies still fall short when it comes to consistency: "However, B2B firms aren't as active in their social media activity with only 32% engaging on a daily basis compared with 52% of B2C firms." According to AMR International, 50% of B2B marketers analyze their metrics for ROI purposes and find online marketing to be more effective.

The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report reports that "more B2B companies have been using social media longer (52.6% reported 1 year or more) than their B2C counterparts (46.2% indicated 1 year or longer)."

Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, social media can be a strong asset in your marketing arsenal. However, without a strategic social media marketing plan and consistency, your efforts might be wasted. Don't nose dive into social media without a plan first, and remember that not ALL industries are a good match for social media. 




media longer (52.6% reported 1 year or 
more) than their B2C counterparts (46.2%

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