Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taco Bell Nose Dives With Freebie Taco Offer on Facebook

Poor Taco Bell. Despite the fact that Taco Bell is a household name around the country, their freebie taco offer on Facebook flopped.

Where did Taco Bell go wrong? Out of 6 million Facebook fans, only 3% actually took Facebook up on their offer. Not good, Taco Bell. 

Why would people take Taco Bell up on their offer when they already offer 99 cent tacos? You only have to turn on the TV; their ads are all over the place. So what's the problem? Exclusivity. Big deal - a free taco. But what if it was a brand-spankin' new taco that Taco Bell just launched? Aw, that might be the ticket, Taco Bell. Exclusivity captures people's attention - who wants to eat what everyone else eats? 

With these hot summer temps, no one wants to get in their car and drive over to Taco Bell to claim their taco (AND waste paper by printing out the free voucher). They didn't make it easy for their customers/fans. No thanks - I wouldn't waste my time either -- not to mention it costs more in gas to drive over to Taco Bell than the taco is actually worth.

Taco Bell didn't make it easy for customers to claim their freebie AND they didn't offer an exclusive freebie. I hope Taco Bell hires new marketing people, or revises their Facebook marketing strategies...and SOON! 



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