Friday, April 29, 2011

Social Media Statistics & The Royal Wedding - Who Came Out On Top?

Congrats to the newly wedded royal couple, William and Kate - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! I watched with the rest of the world this morning (although, I didn't get up at 1 AM PDT with my fellow Californians to watch). I dug around this afternoon to find the latest social media statistics for Royal Wedding coverage. 

According to Mail Online, there were 74 Facebook updates per second and over 268 thousand mentions of the wedding on UK Facebook Walls alone. Twitter fell short behind Facebook at 67 Royal Wedding tweets per second. 

Traffic monitor Akamia reported that global news traffic peaked at 1:30 pm (London time) at 5.3 million page views per minute. For diehard fashionistas, Kate's wedding dress ('the dress') was mentioned over 10,000 times (from the UK alone). 

Google reported over 400 million viewers who watched via YouTube's live stream (no crashes reported with a fast response time - 1.24 seconds). Mashable stated that LiveStream had OVER 300,000 viewers who watched early Friday morning. Livestream announced that they broke their Oscars record from a few months ago (their Oscars' streams were only 130,00).

Other top news sites that were close behind Google and LiveStream include and 

The social media coverage of the Royal Wedding REALLY caused an international frenzy - as we have all experienced online. I'm sure it will continue to buzz  on Facebook and Twitter long into the wee hours tonight and throughout the weekend. Cheers to the Royal Couple! 

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