Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Pack Valuable Punch With Blog Posts

It's easy to get on a roll when writing blog posts. I definitely don't want to discourage you to share lots of valuable content - I'm all for blog posts that entertain, educate and inform! However, once you have found your blogging mo-jo you might get carried away with rambling sentences in blog posts. Remember that less is more. Here are four easy editorial blogging tips to help create content that packs a punch with your readers.

1. Think like a journalist and write your lede in the first paragraph. A "lede" summarizes your entire post and gets across your key point from the very beginning. Don't wait until the second paragraph to tell your readers what the post is about - you'll lose their interest quickly.

2. If you ask a question within your post title, then answer it within your post. For example, my blog title is 'How to Pack Valuable Punch With Blog Posts.' My content is answering that question so you, the readers, understand how to improve your blog posts to make them more 'readable' and valuable to your audiences. Make sure to summarize key points and don't leave them hanging - tie up your blog post with a short and concise conclusion. 

3. Do your research! Add credible links and resources to enhance and build your online credibility. This goes back to your company branding. Make sure the links support your content and add value to your blog posts. 

4. Use sub-headers, bullet points and lists. It's important to break up your content and use sub-headers, bullet points and lists to emphasize your main points. It also makes your content easier for your readers to understand. When people read run-on sentences and jumbled content, it only frustrates them and it's an easy way to turn off your readers.

Even if you add just one of these tips (preferably all four tips), you will pack a valuable punch with blog posts, Your content says a lot - it further brands you as an industry expert and professional resource to your blog readers.

Remember to say MORE with less! Please share your blogging tips - how do you create content that packs a punch every time?



  1. One of the techniques I have I introduced in the last few months for both my blogs (THE WRITER'S PLACE and MAKE A CHANGE) was having a guest expert for a Q&A interview on the topic I am exploring. This has made the posts more interesting because I am providing insights from others and also widened my blog readership to those who follow my experts.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Nancy. I've conducted guest interviews on my blog as well. Guest blogging is a great marketing tool - helps cross-promote your business and blog to other industry experts while sharing valuable insight and content with your blog readers and your guest expert's readership.


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