Monday, April 18, 2011

Social Media Taboo Topics - What Not to Post

When it comes to what NOT to post on social media, my advice is if you wouldn't say it to your mother's face, then don't post it on your social media! 

To post or not to post - what topics are off limits in social media? It seems like social media has turned into a free-for-all - anything goes...or does it?

Think about how you conduct yourself at an in-person business networking event and apply those same rules to social media.Be professional and courteous. People like to hide behind social media because of the anonymity, but you aren't as anonymous as you think you are!

What are considered 'off limit' topics?

1. Trade secrets and confidential company information - No brainer right?  You would be surprised. Company employees have accidentally 'leaked' confidential information via social media. Review your company's social media policy (if the company has a policy in place) to make sure you follow correct social media protocol. Many companies delegate one representative to handle their social media which is a smart idea!

2. Nasty, negative comments about your boss, employees, customers, etc. - Another no brainer but I see it happen all the time on social media (and people have been fired as a result of said nasty comments).

3. Sex, religion and politics - This is the old stand-by rule but it comes into play with social media as well. However, there is always an exception to that rule - especially if you work in politics, are a rabbi or preacher, and/or a sex therapist. Just use your discretion and always be respectful of other people's opinions and viewpoints. Agree to disagree and be professional!

4. What you ate for breakfast, you had food poisoning for ten days straight, etc. and other mindless, inane topics that share way too much information. - Social media has turned into a haven for drama and another platform for unnecessary gossip. If you are a chef or a restaurant reviewer, food would be an appropriate topic to discuss but save the pointless "way too much information" topics for offline (or better yet, just forget the gossip altogether). The key to social media is to build your credibility. How will you build credibility as a viable expert in your field if you tweet about your daily menu 24,7 or the latest office drama? 

5. Blatant spam/sales pitches - Just don't do it. Don't spam or blatantly sell in your posts. It's really annoying and you will quickly turn off people. Who wants to be known as 'that' annoying spammer that no one wants to friend or follow! 

What are your social media taboo topics that you won't touch with a ten foot pole? 






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