Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Non-Profits Need Social Media More Than Ever

As a former non-profit fundraiser, social media was just taking off when I left the non-profit world. Whether large or small, ALL non-profits should be utilizing social media to engage their donors, volunteers and to spread the word about their events, campaigns, etc.  

If you work for a non-profit and haven't jumped on board with social media, you are missing out on potential marketing/branding opportunities. Never before was it THIS easy to create deep, engaging relationships. 

If your CEO or Executive Director still dismisses the power of social media, pass along these tips - they lose out on major opportunities with each passing day they don't incorporate social media marketing strategies into their action plans.

1. Deeply engages your volunteers, donors and sponsors and aligns them with your cause - Social media allows you to share your volunteers' stories in real, authentic ways. Social media isn't about throwing your cause in everyone's cyber face. It's about telling personalized stories that capture people's attention and makes them truly want to invest in your cause. 

2. Allows non-profits to generate and share ideas efficiently which equals high ROI and low cost - Non-profits struggle with expenses (now more than ever), so it makes sense for non-profits to utilize social media to faciliate collaboration. Not only can non-profits collaborate locally/regionally, but social media allows them to spread their message quickly to global audiences. 

3. Promote events and campaigns to large groups of supporters - Facebook pages and Tweetups are great resources to use for events and campaigns. Why spend thousands on direct mailings when you can use social media? 

Non-profit charities such as the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross already have well-established campaigns on Facebook. They are good examples of non-profits who understand how to use social media effectively to spread their message.  

Whatever your cause, if you don't use social media to spread the "social" word, then you will be left behind with your fundraising and advocacy efforts....which could be a matter of keeping your doors open or closing them. 

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