Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscars Goes To...The Best Twitter Coverage

I'm a huge fan of movies and even a bigger fan of the Oscars and Hollywood glam. I love the gowns, the red carpet hoopla and imagine what it would have been like to step back in time when the Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe sashayed down the red carpet.

I was tweeting with the best of them yesterday and got caught up in the Oscars social media buzz - who was wearing what and who would take home the Oscars (was pleased to see Natalie Portman and Colin Firth receive their well-deserved accolades!)

Here are some of my personal picks for  'best Twitter' Oscars coverage:

E! - They had quite the buzz going throughout the day with their Twitter coverage. They were hopping! The only suggestion I have is they should have created a Twitter "fashion" contest. I watched the live coverage on TV, and was disappointed that they didn't reach out to their Twitter followers and create a contest for us (like the one they aired during the pre-show) but other than that "miss," I give them a thumbs-up. Their website also did a great job with the latest Oscars scoop. I also like their hosts and was glued to the pre, pre-show and their live tweet streams. 

Mark Ruffalo - I checked out his tweets during the pre-show and browsed his "in the moment" fun photos before he walked the red carpet. Good job, Mr. Ruffalo! (and congrats on being nominated!

James Franco - Lots of kudos from the Twitter-sphere about James Franco and Anne Hathaway who hosted the Oscars. This was my favorite tweet I found that quoted Sandra Bullock: "@JamesFranco, you're the #1 reason moms are late picking up their kids at school, because they're watching you on #GH" That sounds about right! 

My biggest complaint was the usual meanies who felt they needed to take on Joan Rivers' role as "Fashion Police." Their tweets were catty and unnecessary. Some of the gowns were hits and of course, some were misses but that's what the Oscars is all about...and you can't please everyone. My favorite highlight was Billy Crystal's tribute to Bob Hope, thanks for the memories, Billy!

Sending congratulations to the all the winners and to the Best Movie, The King's Speech. 

What was your favorite highlight of the Oscars? Please share! 


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