Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Increase Business Productivity with Instant Messaging


Instant messaging (IM) is an efficient way to communicate with your customers, clients and co-workers. You can “chat” with them in real time without leaving the comfort of your office or home. It also allows you to streamline the business communication process which saves time, energy and money.

In the past, business professionals turned to email as the fastest form of web communication. And while it is still relied upon to send long emails to multiple people at once, IM is much faster when it comes to one-on-one "fast" interaction.

There are a variety of free instant messenger programs (see list below) that offer the same service: instant communication with your contact list. However, before you rush into adding IM software to your business computers, keep these 4 tips in mind:

And remember…Do NOT share secure, confidential information via instant messenger - an easy way for hackers and spammers to steal your information. 

#1 Establish an IM program for the entire company. While most messenger programs function in almost identical ways, not all of them are compatible with each other. It’s a good idea to use one IM program within the company to prevent compatibility issues.

#2 Instant messengers are less prone to spam. If you use email, then you know what a big nuisance spam messages can be. Instant messenger programs are less prone to spam. If you receive a spam message, it’s easy to permanently block the sender on IM programs.

#3 IM conferences can sometimes be more efficient than conference calls. Most IM programs offer a conference messaging feature. This makes it easier (and less expensive) to hold online conferences or to ask "real time" questions to a group of people at once. 

#4 You can log and store every IM you’ve ever made. Normally, IM programs will store IM conversations up to one week. However, it is possible to change settings so that every conversation you have is permanently logged and stored in your computer (stored by who you chatted with and the date).

By following these 4 easy tips, your company can successfully implement instant messaging. What better way to increase productivity and communication then by using this handy online communication technology?

Free Instant Messaging Programs:

Yahoo Messenger



Google Chat



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