Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Innovative Tech Companies Who Foster Social Change

Mashable has a great series about social entrepreneurship and featured more companies in their blog post today. It's nice to see, that despite the economy, companies are forging ahead with "bigger" missions -- other than just making the almighty dollar. These companies are using technology in innovative ways to help and educate people, especially women. 

Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action caught my eye - what a fantastic idea to help moms-to-be! The company provides expectant moms with free health information - sent directly to their mobile/smartphones. 

According to Mashable, this is why the company has achieved such positive success:
"Why It’s Working: In 2008, India had the most maternal-related deaths out of any other country, according to the Indian governmentMobile Alliance for Maternal Action(MAMA), works with low-income and at-risk mothers and families in India — as well as Bangladesh and South Africa, which are countries with high populations of mobile phone users — to provide vital health information through SMS text messaging and simple voice messages."
Do you work with companies who are dedicated to social change? How are you (or your company) using technology to make a positive impact in your local community? Change begins in our backyard. I'd love to hear your stories - please leave a comment and share!


  1. I have not been in an outside workplace in about seven years. Back then it was rare to find any company who cared anything about social change. It is inspiring to read about MAMA and the other companies over on Mashable. Maybe the tables are finally turning!

  2. I worked in nonprofit so it was all about social change, but I also worked a stint in corporate (and publishing!) and it came down to the almighty dollar. I like reading about companies who are lending a helping hand. I see a shift in the way we do business and I think companies are realizing they need to get back out there, and make a difference in our world. I like the fact that these tech companies are focused on helping women.


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