Friday, January 6, 2012

Are You a LinkedIn Rules Follower?

I participate in many helpful groups on LinkedIn, and I have learned a lot from my fellow business professionals. One of the moderators in one my groups posted a "group rules" reminder for the new year. Some of the members were not pleased with her rules and complained. There is a reason we have rules. 

As a result of the complaints, fellow group member, Brent Jordan, wrote the following post addressing the need for LinkedIn rules. His article could apply to ANY online forum, chat room, social media group, etc. Without social media and "netiquette" rules, we'd have utter chaos (and a LOT of spammers!) I like his playground analogy - he brings up practical, valid points about why we need rules on LinkedIn. 

"LinkedIn is yours in the way the local playground is yours. If you want to ride your skateboard on the basketball court, you can probably get away with it for a while. But if a bunch of kids show up with a basketball, it’s time for you to find another place to ride. You can’t throw rocks at the other kids either. That will get you thrown out. And you can’t drive your ice cream truck into the jungle gym area and start selling ice cream. Some might say, “Why can’t I do that? There are hungry kids that want tasty snacks. This isn’t fair!!!” 
One reason. Rules. And the rules are there to make the playground community safe and enjoyable for the vast majority of people who use it. It’s unlikely everyone will agree with all the rules. But, it’s not really ours, is it? It belongs to the city. They get to make the rules based on their own convenience and what they perceive will be the best and safest use of their property." 

Motto of today's blog post: if you don't like the heat, then get outta the LinkedIn kitchen. No one is forcing you to participate in LinkedIn, but the rules are there to help the group collectively. It's our playground. 

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