Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your Personal Brand - What's Your Story?

We all have a story to share. We check off credentials on our resumes, social media bios and give our elevator speeches at meetings. As a business owner, what's your personal brand and even more importantly, what's your story? Personal branding is basically the way you (the person) market yourself to the world. It's also been called "self-packaging." 

Look at the personal brand of Tiger Woods. He's one of the best examples of how a personal brand can go down the tubes quickly (especially when that personal brand is tainted in the public eye). I can't think of one person on this planet who doesn't know the name Tiger Woods. Tiger equals pro billion dollar successful golfer which then turned into Tiger Woods, cheating husband and target of all celebrity gossip columnists. Wheras the tabloid gossip around Tiger's infidelities has simmered down, his brand definitely took a hit (especially on his wallet).

Your personal brand is what and how other people perceive you - and it's unavoidable! The labels and perceptions (whether true or false) people associate with you become tied to your personal brand. That's why it's important to tell your story before someone else tells their "version" of your story.

What Does Your External Brand Look Like to the World?

Your external brand is the "image" you project to the world - whether online or offline. 

Let's say Mrs. Mary Jones is a stay-at-home mom who raised kids for 20 years and created her company and products/services to help other busy moms make their lives easier. This "image" is portrayed on her website via her bio, website copy/design, etc.

Then we have another website - Ms. Jane Smith Off the Street who also sells similar products. What's Jane Smith's story? What makes HER an expert when it comes to child-related products? Jane Smith doesn't have a bio on her website and I don't know anything about her. Given that information, I'm buying my products from Mrs. Mary Jones based on the story I read and based on her experiences and expertise as a mom. you have a story? Are you sharing it with your customers and clients? How does everyone else "see" you and your company? What are their perceptions? Good? Bad? Indifferent?







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