Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Spring Clean Your Social Media in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is right around the corner. I know for some of you it still feels months away based on the weather. I spent my weekend spring cleaning my desk and work area. It felt good to purge and organize, and good timing since taxes are right around the corner. 

As you say good bye to winter and prepare for brighter, warmer temps ahead, it's time to "spring clean" your social media. Check out these 5 easy social media maintenance tips. 

1. Update your social media profiles. Have you switched jobs? Just launched a new website? Make sure your profile information is correct and up-to-date. For more tips on how to jazz up your LinkedIn profile, check out Victoria Ipri's LinkedIn for the Clueless. 

2. Delete old social media and discussion forum accounts. Get rid of accounts that you never use. You don't have to participate in everything out there. If you are pressed for time, stick to the top three:  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

3. Evaluate your LinkedIn groups and your participation. If you aren't active in all groups, consider opting out of them and stick with your most active groups. 

4. Add social media time to your daily calendar. If you have slacked off on on your blog and social media updates over the winter months, schedule time in your calendar for your social media marketing. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare per day, it's better than not doing anything with your social media. Kick off spring on the right foot by making a commitment to your social media marketing. 

5. Evaluate your social media analytics and look at your ROI and traffic. Is Twitter a dud and you havent't a retweet in months? Maybe Twitter isn't the right platform for your company. Do you receive positive feedback on LinkedIn and more people read your business blog as a result? Think about putting more effort into the social media channels that bring you higher traffic and conversion rates.  Check out this handy list of social media monitoring tools. 

Along with cleaning out your desk and packing away the winter sweaters, remember to dust off your social media - and dive into a fresh, clean approach to your social media in the upcoming months. 

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