Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Twitter!

The world's most popular global social microblogging turned five years old today. Happy Anniversary, Twitter. Were you onboard Twitter (then Twttr) in 2006? It's amazing to think that Twitter is five years old - time flies when you're tweeting away! I'm not sure I remember my first tweet since it's been a few years since I joined Twitter. Like everyone else, I was dumbfounded how it all worked, until I got my feet weet and learned just how fun and useful it was for social networking (and haven't stopped tweeting ever since).

According to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, his first tweet "inviting coworkers" was the first tweet written by a "human." Now six years later we are in the midst of Twitter mania. Based on the stats found on Twitter's blog, they handle an average of 140 million tweets per day. It's mind-boggling to think that when I graduated from college in the mid-90s, that the Internet and email were a new phenomenon. And now social media has literally taken the world by storm.

Remember that your business culture might not be suitable for Twitter - why it's important to track and analyze your tweets to verify that Twitter is an effective social media marketing tool. It doesn't make sense to tweet your time away if you don't see a ROI on  your Twitter marketing.

Do you remember your first tweet, or have you avoided Twitter mania altogether? Don't let Charlie Sheen and his posse scare you away from the benefits of Twitter. If you haven't jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, today might be a good day to start.



  1. I have only been using Twitter for a couple months now but it is a great tool for me and my blog. I am able to connect with other bloggers and it helps me get more people reading my blog.


  2. Hi Jessica, That's a great testimonial to the power of Twitter. I use Twitter as well to share my blog posts and connect with other bloggers and professionals. It's a lot of fun!


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