Saturday, October 17, 2009

Put Some Zen into Your Tweets!

Twitter is one of the hottest micro-blogging platforms on the internet right now. I recently helped one of my holistic-based clients with the ins and outs of Twitter. She became overwhelmed with tweets and how to use Twitter. After working with her, I realize that Twitter can be confusing for the non-tweeting novice.

Twitter isn't THAT difficult to navigate. Twitter allows you to tap into markets and niches which open up HUGE possibilities for your online marketing objectives.

  • Twitter is free - go to Twitter and set up an account for free. It's very easy!
  • When you send out your first tweet, think about how you want to be perceived on Twitter. Do you want to sell relaxation CDs? Do you want more clients? Give people valuable information - don't spam!
  • You want to be seen as an "expert" on Twitter. For example, if you specialize in myofascial release, include links to your newsletter or website that ties back to an article - why people need to use myofascial release (how it can HELP them!)
  • You are in the "helping" industry so put that vibe out there - you are there for your clients and patients!! Make your presence known and make it sound genuine and REAL.
  • Target the people you follow accordingly. Search for people who are in your same field. Some good searches could be: general holistic practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors, wellness, fitness, health/fitness, astrologers, hypnotherapists, Shamanic healers, flower essence, aromatherapy, Bowen therapists, etc.
Offer freebies and specials/discounted pricing on services and products. Make your Tweets sound enticing to your followers!

Happy Tweeting!

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