Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to Put the Entrepreneurial Spirit Back into Your Business

This week I took on a new assignment that focused on writing entreprenurial-based articles. I write for different industries besides holistic and health. It's interesting how entrepreneurs are always stereotyped as aggressive tycoons. I know many of you may cringe at the word "entrepreneur," but if you own a business you still need to infuse a sense of entreprenurial spirit into your business. You can eliminate the aggressive tactics, but there are many positive qualities associated with entrepreneurs:

  • Creative and innovative - Entrepreneurs think "outside the box" and explore all untapped avenues. They invent and create innovative products and services and stay a few steps ahead of their competition. They aren't passive and just wait for things to happen to them. They are proactive and stay ahead of the trends and latest information in their industry. They are true experts in their field.

  • Passionate - Successful entrepreneurs LOVE what they do. Have you ever seen a sad entrepreneur who hung his/her head low? They love sharing their passion with others, and their enthusiasm and passion for their work is infectious. They are confident and their passion for what they do drives them towards future success.

  • Aren't afraid of change and they don't take constructive criticism personally - They are open to learning new ideas and they aren't afraid to change. They look for ways to improve their business to make it better. They are open to listening to other people's opinions and viewpoints about their business. They don't take constructive criticism personally and aren't afraid to delve beyond the surface: what's working and what's not working?

  • Problem solvers - Successful entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They know how to communicate effectively with their staff and clients/customers. They don't wait for issues/problems to solve themselves. They take a conscientious role and solve problems as they arise. They also don't "pass the buck" and expect other's to take the blame if they make a mistake. They own up to their imperfections and mistakes, and see each problem as an opportunity to improve.

If you feel like the "oomph" has gone out of your business and you've lost your entreprenurial spirit, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your business and your attitude towards your work. You are in a very positive field - you work with people who need your help. You make dramatic impacts on people's lives. Maybe you don't see yourself as an entrepreneur because you are in the business of "helping" people and aren't in the corporate realm. You don't have to work in the corporate world to infuse a bit of entrepreneurial drive and spirit back into your business.

Think about the qualities that make up an entrepreneur - maybe you already are moving in that direction and just don't know it!

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