Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why Excitement May Hinder Your Book Marketing

Whether you are a small business or a self-published author marketing your book, take a page from Naomi Dunford with IttyBiz. Inauthentic email marketing is a big pet peeve, and Naomi hits the internet marketing nail on the head in her latest newsletter.

Naomi has a great sense of humor and love this excerpt from today's newsletter.


"...And when she says "I'm so excited" because she can't think of anything OTHER people would be excited about, but feels obligated to say something anyway? We can tell. And honestly? We're all a little bit embarrassed for her.
Your homework for today!
Never tell anyone how excited you are about anything that has to do with yourself ever again. It's self-indulgent, self-centred, and makes you look like a moron. 
Stop talking about how excited you are and go do something exciting."
It goes back to what my high school English pounded into my head: SHOW not tell. 
PS -- thanks Naomi for the helpful tips...and for the belly laughs! 



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