Friday, October 21, 2011

Are You Leaving Your Customers & Clients Confused? Tiffany Silverberg Shares the Scoop!

Fellow copywriter Tiffany Silverberg shared a fantastic newsletter this week that tackled one of my favorite subjects: customer service. I've been on a rant lately about quality customer service, and Tiffany's newsletter really hit home for me.

I appreciate Tiffany letting me share her tips with my readers. Remember your clients aren't mind readers. Clear written and verbal communication are a MUST!

Are you "guilty" of treating your customers and clients in the following ways? 
  • Do you set aside time each day to return client phone calls and emails? Or do you put it off until the end of the week?
  • Do you wait two weeks to get your client a quote when you promised to send it to them within a few days?
In this tenuous economy, it's imperative to give your customers and clients stellar customer service, especially when they bring you repeat business and referrals.

It only takes ONE negative comment about their customer service experience to mess up  your reputation. And who can afford to lose clients (or money) right now?

My favorite tips from Tiffany's newsletter

"How to Catch Them Off Guard...
Do not tell them what you need. Lead them to believe you have all the materials you will need by refusing to send emails or make phone calls. Then just before the deadline, get in touch requesting the information.

How to Lose Them Forever...
Use up any free time they could possibly have with last minute requests and crushing deadlines. Ensure lots of back and forth because you never asked them what they are looking for in your product or service. Give them a final deliverable that you cannot be sure they will appreciate. "

About Tiffany Silverberg 
Tiffany Silverberg is a freelance writer with over five years of experience in media and online writing. Tiffany uses her journalistic background to uncover unique angles and untold stories from her clients. She helps them present themselves and their products with freshness and excitement. Although her affair started far earlier, Tiffany formalized her love for words while studying linguistics at the University of California Berkeley. There, she gained critical research skills and trifling word trivia – an impassioned, invaluable combination for anyone who needs their story told.

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