Friday, May 20, 2011

Social Media's Rapture - The Last Word Before May 21

I scouted around this morning searching for social media's take on May 21 - the supposed End of the World aka Judgement Day. I live in northern California so the billboards have been around awhile now advertisting the big event. I have a feeling they're going to be disappointed that they spent a lot of money on those signs.

Social media users have taken advantage of the media hype, and have created some interesting events and posts centered around tomorrow's 'big day'. These two men started a tongue-in-cheek post-Rapture 'looting event' on Facebook which has received national attention (I found their link included in a CNN story).

Twitter has been buzzing about tomorrow's Rapture. This social media article lists the skeptics' end of the world tweets and some are quite amusing. I stumbled upon another article that gave end of the world social media tips including how to send your farewell message.

For those who take the big day seriously, the church who's behind the Judgement Day campaign has their own website. End of the world survivalists have also created their own websites and blogs counting down until the big day. Some have even opened up online survivalist stores where you can purchase gear and supplies.

Whether you believe or not, you can expect social media users to keep us updated on Saturday - let the countdown buzz begin. 


  1. I just think it's a dandy! But seriously folks,like my hubby pointed out, how much ego do you have to have to believe the end of the world is coming during YOUR lifetime? lol It's all so funny to me. Also, if the rapture happens and I'm doomed to burn in a fiery pit with all of my friends, I have to say this -- I won't repent. Know why? Because I don't want any part of a deity who'd leave animals out and let good people, who just don't happen to believe in him, burn in some fiery depths while a serial murder who "took him into his heart," 5 minutes before they gave him the death penalty, is cruising on easy street. And speaking of ego and dictatorship -- that guy has a SERIOUS megalomaniac complex. Come Saturday, you'll probably find me sipping wine and enjoying the sunny day with my family. BTW- this is how I hope it all really goes down in 2012 -- a new musical --

    Bonne Chance!

  2. Thanks for weighing in, Vanessa. The church leader has some interesting viewpoints and it's amazing how one person can prey upon the vulnerability and fear of others. You are definitely right - a meglomaniac complex is an accurate description. My sister's birthday is tomorrow so I will be celebrating as well. :)


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