Monday, October 18, 2010

Why You Don't Have to Spend Thousands on Video Marketing

As a copywriter, I know this sounds strange but people don't want to read a lot of text. They also are busy and don't have a lot of time to sift through updates and content. Yes, you don't want your content to be boring, but in the cyber world "flashy right-now-wow" video is a winner every time! 

We live in a world filled with sound, color and speed - from video games to surround-sound movies. We want loud, daring special effects and we want to be entertained. Not only do social media users want to be entertained but they don't have hours in their busy schedules to be entertained so you have to make it QUICK!  You really only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression.

Here's the good news - you don't need to spend thousands on fancy video editing equipment or have hi-tech knowledge to create a powerful video marketing campaign. Do you have a digital camera that has video capability? Then you're all set because that's really all you need! 

  • For shorter videos, keep the length between 60 to 90 seconds and do NOT read from a script.
  • Bullet points/outlined points are handy to have, but don't sound like an amateur and read in a monotone voice from a canned script. 
  • Be innovative and creative when making videos - interview a leading expert in your field and/or use humor (but be professional!) 
  • Remember the video isn't for YOU - it's for your audience so keep them entertained! 

There are  handy, easy-to-use widgets such as Yubby  that won't cost you a penny. There are also free video editing software available such as iMovie (for Macs) and Movie Maker (Windows-based).  Between YouTube and other free video hosting sites, video marketing is a no-brainer- even for the most novice of video producers and social media marketers!










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