Friday, March 26, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Use Social Media

What?!!! I know what you're thinking - everyone uses social media these days so why are you telling me NOT to use social media? Before you sign up for social media accounts, stop and think if social media is the right marketing channel to use. Not everyone or every business should use social media.

There are a few exceptions to the rule when NOT to use social media - do you fall under these categories?

  • If you have a a few high-end customers or clients (who spend in the millions) you definitely don't want to go the social media route to stay connected with them. Face-to-face, personalized visits and phone calls would work better.
  • If your company is unionized and there is constant on-the-job turmoil with labor disputes, steer clear of social media to spread the word unless you want a PR nightmare. Not a good idea!
  • Don't use social media just because everyone is using it. You need to have a focused marketing objective and needs to fit into your company's branding and messaging.

Before you start to tweet or sign up for Facebook, evaluate your social media needs. Do you really need social media and is it going to help you in your specific business/industry? Not everyone needs to use it and it may be a hindrance to your marketing strategy in the long run.

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