Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Not to be Calendar Driven and Be Fine With It

What? A marketing consultant is telling me NOT to be calendar driven? Doesn't that go against every principle taught in Marketing 101?

You might think that sounds odd since we are fast approaching 2010. 

So it's 2010 - big deal?!! It's just a date!

That's right - throw away your calendar! 

What??? Throw away your calendar? I just listened to a fantastic audiocast by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and his words couldn't ring more true (all puns intended). If you aren't familiar with Dr. Dyer, he's an amazing self-development/motivational speaker. His words strike home for me since I'm a budding yogini with an interest in Eastern traditions and philosophies. 

Don't pay attention to dates.  Huh?!! His words echo in my fried-out copywriter's brain.  I chuckle inwardly at those words because I just churned out a huge copywriting project that HAD to be finished before Christmas. As a copywriter and consultant, my world revolves around deadlines and yes, it can be really stressful.

In Dr. Dyer's audiocast, he mentioned that Tuesday should feel the same as Sunday. Planning has and is my life, but I actually listened to the true meaning behind Dr. Dyer's word. I was a professional non-profit fundraiser and event planner for years, and my life revolved around a calendar.  It's difficult for me NOT to tick off the dates . 

Long range planning and goals are good but don't become stuck on dates either. Sometimes we need to just be - be in the present moment to experience what is really going on with our lives. We sometimes miss out on the joys and wonders that life brings to us. We worry too much about what's going to happen next week or next month.

As a marketing consultant, that may not make sense (especially since I help people write marketing plans and I'm all about long range goals and objectives). However, I also need to practice what I preach and offer a different perspective - especially since I try to help holistic practitioners who don't necessarily want that one tried and true marketing plan. Long range may not work for them. 

For me to pass these words along to you - don't pay attention to your calendar - well, that's a bit out there even for me. However, it makes perfect sense. If you obsess about every date and think YOU MUST stick to a timeline 24,7, you may be missing out on what's happening at this very second and it could be a VERY important second, or seconds! 

As we roll into the New Year, don't make resolutions. Resolutions usually fall to the wayside. Reflect. Make a vision board - dream big but don't obsess about it either. Pick up a new book you've always wanted to read. Take a class or seminar you've always wanted to take, but have put off because you were waiting for the right day or "date." See - it goes back to that pesky calendar again! 

Don't rule your life by a calendar. You may be surprised at where life takes you and who you meet along the way - especially when it comes to building your business and the people/clients who transpire along your journey.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and not-so-deadline driven life in...well, I won't mention a date...your present moment.


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