Thursday, January 9, 2014

Smart Tech is Top Online Marketing Trend for 2014

Sorry for the absence. I'm back in time to kick off the New Year with the hottest online marketing trends for 2014.

The 2014 marketing prediction articles are circulating right and left this week. This article by Entrepreneur listed  the top 10 hottest trends for the upcoming year. Smart objects take the number two spot on their list. It seems like smart technology took 2013 by storm with companies launching their latest and greatest mobile device, tablet, etc. We saw the launch of the iPhone 5 this year and Apple has announced they will launch their iPhone 6 in the fall.

Technology seems to be leaning towards sci-fi trends such as watches that double as a computer/smart phone. One of the latest trends is Google Glass. Last year, Google launched these funky wearable glasses (which look like space age sunglasses) that double as a basic computer. Google is expected to launch a better and more improved (and less expensive) version this year, but it's not expected to be released until May.

Other hot tech trends that will help online marketers target the mobile/smart crowd:

  • iPhones & iPads will have bigger displays
  • Smartwatches 
  • Smartphones to be improved with better high-resolution & curved displays

Keep "smart objects" in mind when developing your online marketing strategy this year. Make sure that your online marketing campaigns and content read well and look good on mobile/smart devices. Build websites that are mobile and user-friendly, and understand how your smart tech audiences think and act. They are busy and on-the-go, and they want information that's quickly accessible. Also, make sure to get on board with a smart device - yes, it's time to get rid of that outdated flip phone and join the 21st century.

Wishing you much success & prosperity in 2014! 

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