Monday, November 28, 2011

Missed Out On Cyber Monday Sales? Implement Facebook Marketing for the Holidays

Happy Cyber Monday! It's that time of year again. I did minimal Black Friday shopping, and spent my Friday giving my business locally.

As a Californian, I found this article interesting. This story shows how local Long Beach, Calif. businesses missed the boat by not utilizing social media to compete with national retailers. Ouch! 

"According to a National Retail Federation and eHoliday surveywhile consumers obtain information about retailers’ sales and promotions from various channels, nearly three in 10 (29.2%) will check a company’s Facebook page for more information, and about two-thirds (65.1%) will read customer reviews on the company’s website."

These statistics above tell the social media story. If you are a local business who didn't take advantage of social media marketing on Cyber Monday, it's not too late to implement "buzz marketing" strategies to boost your holiday sales.

Check out these easy Facebook tips to ramp up your social media presence for the holiday season:

  • If you don't have a Facebook Business Page, then it's time to create one. Not every business is suitable for Facebook. But if you sell directly to consumers. then you definitely need a Facebook presence.
  • Grow your fans organically and strengthen relationships. 'Tis the season so don't slack off on your Facebook fans. If you ask "fans" to like your brand/company, give them something valuable in return - discounts, coupons, etc. Your Facebook Page needs to be a two-way communication street. 
  • Do NOT use your Facebook Page to SELL products. Don't come across as a spammer. It goes back to building and developing genuine rapport with your fans.
  •  Install Facebook  "Like" buttons on your home page and product sales pages. This is an easy way to draw people back to your Fan Page, and interact with your customers and fans who like your products and services. 
  • WHO are your target markets? No two customers on your Facebook Page are the same. What do they like? Dislike? What are their purchasing habits? Do they only buy products online based on price or convenience? Review and interact with their comments on your Facebook Page to dig for more information. Get inside the head of your targeted consumers, and figure out social media campaign strategies that will actually appeal to them. 

What social media strategies have you implemented to boost your holiday sales? I'd love to know! 

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