Monday, September 27, 2010

Why You Need to Be a Left Brain & Right Brain Entrepreneur

Last week, I shared my insightful interview with my friend and mentor - online marketing guru-ess, Victoria Ipri. After chatting with Victoria, I thought about my own path as a freelancer and entrepreneur.  I realized that dynamic entrepreneurs such as Victoria Ipri are successful because they aren't afraid to dive into unknown waters.

I had the privilege of recently participating in a teleclass by the lovely and energetic SARK called "Magic Management." It was geared towards solo professionals, business owners and anyone who wants to pursue their deepest passions and dreams. She talked with us about our "Inner CEO" (doer) versus our "Inner Spirit" (dreamer) - our left and right brain energies. It made me realize - hmm, have I been truly tapping into these energies and making them work for my business and my clients?

As entrepreneurs, it's imperative that we tap into both our left and right brain energies in order to be successful. Sometimes those tried and true marketing methods that worked in 1995 may not work anymore in 2010. Fear stops us from taking that leap into the unknown - maybe that "unknown" has stopped you from creating a website or writing a blog. That little voice inside your head - your nagging inner critic - tells you "Noooo, I can't write!" We need to stop listening to our inner critics.

Do you realize you could be missing out on HUGE business opportunities if you ignore your creative side? You don't need to reserve your creativity for JUST your personal life. Sometimes it doesn't come easily for us to tap into our creativity and make it work in our business world. However, it's a matter of taking that leap of faith to delve into a place that's uncomfortable. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find!


  1. Very interesting, T! I'm afraid I'm all dreamer, and no CEO at all! But I'm taking baby steps towards becoming one. Thanks for the post!

  2. Great information, Therese! I'm sorry I missed that presentation, so thanks for sharing the salient points.

    I just wanted to add that, as a sole proprietor of your own business, you'll need both sides of your brain to achieve success. I often joke that the left side of my brain must be shriveled, living in the shadow of the right side all its life! Certainly, the most successful business owners are highly creative, whether that creativity be word-based or math-based. Regardless, today's successful business owner needs all the brain food he or she can get, because the entire brain comes into play when running your own business.

    Having said that...I must admit I often ignored my own advice. So I found another solution that may work for some of your readers. I partnered with someone whose skills were strong where my own were weak (and vice-versa). Together, we make a stronger team, can concentrate on the areas of business that come naturally and, ultimately, serve our clients far better.

    Isn't that what it's all about?

    Thanks again for a terrific interview.

  3. @Claudia, We all have the Inner CEO in us so you're well on your way and baby steps are very good!

  4. Great point, Victoria. I absolutely agree that we need to partner with people who can pick up the slack with our "weaker" skill sets. Another great thing is working with clients who can also pass along helpful advice in some of these weaker areas. Numbers aren't my thing and I have received fantastic tax/financial advice from my tax consultant clients. It really comes down to sharing, learning and helping each other.


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