Monday, August 30, 2010

The Emmy Awards & The Social Media Red Carpet

Ryan Seacrest is notorious for tweeting every chance he gets - especially when he was chilling out with his celebs on the Academy Awards' red carpet.

Now it was Jimmy Fallon's turn - as he tweeted with the best of them at the Emmy Awards last night. Hollywood was buzzing with social media mania last night as tweeters and Facebookers shot off the latest updates on their social media sites.

NBC was on top of their social media game last night! By the way, big congrats to my favorite show, Mad Men, and actor Jon Hamm (please call me, Mr.  Hamm, if you should end up single or without a publicist!)

The big players are smart - using social media to increase their ratings. The power of social media is definitely making a bit hit on the airwaves these days.

So how many TV celebs did you stalk on Twitter last night?

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